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Male Monarch Butterfly


Female Monarch Butterfly


From the fall migration to their return in the spring , the study of Monarch Butterflies can be a thread that runs through your curriculum throughout the school year.Teach, learn about and celebrate this remarkable species through participation in the Monarch Teachers Network, Symbolic Migration  the Journey North program and Monarch Watch.



 Children raise and tag Monarch Butterflies for the journey south to Mexico. Children create and send paper butterflies through Journey North’s Symbolic Migration program which corresponds to the real migration of monarch butterflies in October (Up to 100 million monarch butterflies migrate each year!) As you say Adios to the season's last butterfly , celebrate with a Monarch Festival and parade.




 As the monarchs rest in huge clusters in the mountains of Mexico, the children learn about life in and around the sanctuary region.Write to the children of Mexico who receive and care for the paper butterflies and  receive letters from them in return...


( Using Journey North in the preschool classroom)



  Create a Monarch Waystation to attract and become a habitat for monarch butterflies through the Monarch Watch Program.


In May symbolic pape butterflies return from Mexico!

They represent the work of children all across the USA. Log on to the website to them to let them know that their butterflies arrived safely...And the circle of friendship will continue!



The children experience the life cycle of the Monarch Butterfly as they raise and release butterflies into the garden.



And in the fall the project begins again............


"When one tugs at a single thing in nature...he finds it attached to the rest of the world.

~John Muir

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Activities For The Early Childhood Classroom ( Many adapted from the Monarch Teacher Network resource book which participants receive at the Teaching and Learning with Monarch Butterflies workshop):

Missing Milkweed Game

Monarch Songs

Art Activities

Male/Female Chart

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Monarch Math

More Monarch Games

Click to enlarge the photo of all five instars. Think of the possibilities for Monarch math activities!



"The milkweed blossoms sway and nod.
At summer's end, each forms a pod.
When ripe, it bursts, and fluffy seeds,
Are scattered by the passing breeze."

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